Expansion of StarDance

Kids that have high energy, are always on the move, love contemporary music and dance and have a quick response time are sure to love everything about hip hop dance. Hip hop dance-form is a full mind and body workout that keeps your kid active, agile and fully engaged. Not to mention the cool hip hop dance moves would make your kid an object of peer envy instantly. And who does not want a cool kid with hip hop dance skills as their friend, eh? Acquiring a dance skill like this helps immensely in building confidence and self-esteem in kids at that very impressionable age. Not to mention the agility acquired at an early age with the hip hop dance form stays with them for a long time to come. And who knows your kid might be the next international hip hop dance superstar!

Hip hop dance is a broad category of street dance styles that developed mainly for hip hop music that emerged in the 70s and swiftly gained popularity among dance crews in the USA. Hip hop dance has since been openly embraced by the commercial dance industry and has led to many derivative dance styles that are regularly performed on stage at various international dance competitions and concerts. Some of hip hop dance’s original main styles include breaking, locking and popping. The distinguishing feature of the hip hop dance form is its often free-style nature which makes it perfect for an active life-style, entertainment, hobby or even a profession.



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