We hit the dance floor and socialize with different people while dancing! That sounds like a perfect plan for a fine Sunday evening doesn’t it? You dress up and head to the happening Salsa night in the city center. So, what do you do when someone grabs you and drags you to the floor, stares at you in a creepy way while doing some crazy fancy moves right after the first beat?Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba, Cha Cha Cha, Tango etc. excite us! And nobody wants to jeopardize this amazing experience due to their lack of information about social dancing etiquette. There is a set of unsaid norms that form an integral part of the social dancing scene worldwide and it is a good idea to assimilate these few pointers to make our social dancing experience a pleasurable one!

Following this proof guide: Look at—Approach—Dance with—Leave your partner


Smell good no matter what! Well at least, don’t smell unpleasant! When dancing close to your partner, none of you want to feel uncomfortable with smell of onions lingering around. It is wise to shower, use mouth freshener and spray perfume before going to the social. Some people also carry a change of clothes in case they sweat too much.

Ask for a dance, don’t grab your partner’s hand and don’t pull them to the dance floor. Also, it is good to make sure that the person is not busy before you ask them. For example, if the person is engrossed in a conversation, it’s best to wait for another suitable time. In the meanwhile, you could enjoy dancing with another partner.

When you do start dancing, start with less complex moves in order to get to know your partner in terms of their level of dancing. If you feel the person is able to follow well; you could progress to advanced moves. Moreover, be careful about doing dips and tricks as your partner could get hurt physically. You should avoid it particularly if you are dancing with the person for the first time.

Avoid wearing jewelry! You don’t want your fancy earrings poking into his face while you two Kizomba to the mesmerizing tunes, nor would you like to see them flying across the dance floor while you Salsa the night away.

When the space is limited because of the crowded floor, keep it small. Take mini steps. If you do bump into another couple, don’t forget to apologize! It’s just as simple as saying sorry when we knock into a stranger in the metro.

It is not nice to look distracted while dancing with your partner. It shows your disinterest. On the flipside, it is admirable and a lot more considerate to show your attentiveness by making frequent eye contact with your dance partner. However, make sure you don’t scare the hell out of the person by staring at them in an unusual way!

Generally, it is not encouraged to ask the same person for more than two consecutive dances Although, there is nothing wrong with it but the reason we are there is for connecting with different dancers of varied levels, so you can get as much exposure through your practice as possible. You might as well make good use of the time!

Socrates, the Greek philosopher said ‘Don’t do to others what angers you if done to you by others’. This is certainly applicable here! So don’t be rude! If you do not wish to dance with someone, just smile and say ‘No, Thank you’. It’s good to be honest but also to be polite.

Don’t feel bad for being selective while picking your partners. Immediately after refusing to dance with someone, you happen to decide to go ahead with saying yes to another for a dance. Ahhh..doesn’t it seem to be an awkward moment? Well, if possible, try and avoid this kind of a situation by not dancing for that one song with anybody, or, if possible, dance in a separate area of the floor. Hopefully, the person who has been refused will give you the benefit of the doubt, and think of possibilities like ‘maybe the other person was too forceful or was a friend’.

For the people who get turned down to dance with, don’t hold grudges and don’t be disheartened. Don’t let it affect your self-worth. It is just a matter of a dance! There are many others who would like to dance with you

Don’t leave your partner in the middle of the song! Once the song ends, it is then a wonderful habit to thank your partner. It leaves a good impression and showcases your appreciation for the dance you shared on the floor.

Lastly, don’t get drunk and dance! Getting drunk could not only make you smell foul but it can also cause accidents on the dance floor, such as spilling drinks or bumping into others. Last thing you would want is to embarrass yourself or your dance partner. Right?

Social dancing is a great way to connect with others for the people who are passionate about dance! These tips can be the icing on the cake! Be careful with the few ‘Don’ts’, doing them can land you in the cake itself, which can turn messy! Few habits can make it or break it. Above all, the most important ingredient of the recipe is to have lots of Fun, lose your stress and dance your heart out. Wish you a blissful social dancing experience.


By Deepali Thareja

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