Bachata Team Performance

When it comes to Latin Dances, Salsa and Bachata are the most popular forms that are followed across the world. While Salsa originated in the Caribbean, Bachata comes from the Colombia and Dominican Republic. Both dance forms follow very specific rhythm and beats in their music, where Salsa follows a 123…567 rhythm, Bachata follows a 123&4…567&8 rhythm. In both dance forms, each partner assumes the role of either a leader, who leads the moves, or follower- who follows the leads given by the leader.
Salsa follows two major dancing styles, namely New York style and LA style. Bachata also has various different styles such as original, western traditional, sensual, bachatango etc. Salsa typically includes several turns while bachata requires wavy body movements.

Apart from workout and obvious health benefits, one of the biggest benefits of latin partner dancing are socializing. Almost all across the world, several latin schools organize regular latin socials in bars, clubs and restaurants where latin music is played and both students or professional dancers dance away to the rhythm. No partner is required since partners are changing throughout the social. Typically one dancer (leader or follower) would ask to dance from a (follower or leader). So you may end up meeting a lot of fellow dancers and hone your dancing skills as well as enjoy dancing with a variety of people.


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