Dance Classes for Adult Beginners

We teach over 100 classes a week to over 2000 members, at all levels no matter the age (out dancers are as little as 4 years old and to go 80s).


Salsa and Bachata
Learn it with an Experienced Teachers

When it comes to Latin Dances, Salsa and Bachata are the most popular forms that are followed across the world.

World Contemporary
Learn it with an Experienced Teachers

Contemporary dance genre developed during the mid 20th century and combines various international forms of dance forms such as classical, modern, and jazz styles.

Hip-Hop Dance
Learn it with an Experienced Teachers

Hip hop dance is a broad category of street dance styles that developed mainly for hip hop music that emerged in the 70s and swiftly gained popularity among dance crews in the USA. Hip hop dance has since been openly embraced by the commercial dance industry and has led to many derivative dance styles that are regularly performed on stage at various international dance competitions and concerts.

Bollywood Dance
Learn it with an Experienced Teachers

The term ‘Bollywood’ was coined in the 70s as India became the largest movie producer surpassing Hollywood in the USA. Over the years, Indian (Bollywood) cinema has developed its own dancing style which has a mix of elements from both western pop as well as traditional Indian dance styles.

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