Contemporary dance genre developed during the mid 20th century and combines various international forms of dance forms such as classical, modern, and jazz styles. It was designes to rebel against the tough and the rigid techniques of ballet. It combines the techniques of ballet and modern dance in terms of controlled legwork and use of torso. The beauty of contemporary dance forms is the limitless creative possibilities it offers and the variety of dance moves that can be played with.


Like any other dance form, contemporary dancing rejuvenates the body and soul. It has great health benefits in terms of calorie burning as well as being a great cardio workout. Contemporary dancing can be used as an excellent way of self-expression in a fun and healthy way. With this dance form you will get a chance to learn techniques of using gravity and transitions on the floor that can be very good for maintaining body control and balance.

Who is it for?

Those who like Ballet but think that it may be too technical or too difficult to learn, can opt for contemporary instead. Although a lot of its moves originated from ballet, they are much milder and more contemporary versions that may be easier to follow.

February 28 @ 17:00

5:00 pm

– 6:00 pm


Club 5 Studio, Delhi Studio, Galleria Studio

Amir Saifi, Krishna Prajapati, Tara Prasad

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