Founder & Artistic Director

“Everything is all about Dance.”

Mr. Tara Prasad has several years of dancing experience in both learning and teaching in various forms such as Salsa, Bachata, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Contemporary. He started learning at a very early age and has single mindedly pursued his passion over the years.His natural grace, flexibility, and astonishing rhythm sets him apart and makes him a highly sought after professional dancer in both Ballet and Latin dance  forms.

It is the joy of dance that will drive a dancer !!


Performing Arts School

He started his training with martial arts in Taekwondo at the age of 6. With his focus and dedication, he achieved black belt by the age of 12. He participated in several championships including 1 Asian and 8 nationals among others, in all of which he remained an undefeated champion. This training has provided him with great structure, focus and balance which helped him immensely later as a dancer. He was a company member and Senior Instructor with Imperial Fernando Ballet Company (IFBC) and is trained in Russian Classical Ballet by the bollywood choreographer and maestro, Fernando Aguilera, himself. He was trained in Latin Ballroom Dance forms by Irina Likokeli. Further, he was trained by Dheeraj Luhera in Western Hip-Hop. Having trainings in several dance forms under his belt, Tara decided to pursue Latin Ballroom dancing and teaching as a profession.

To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it.


He routinely performs and competes at national and international events such as IIDC Asia Open Championship, and wants to share his passion with the world. With this vision of bringing the international dance forms to the dance enthusiasts of Delhi NCR and eventually India, Tara founded Star Dance Company in 2015.


Salsa & Bachata

When it comes to Latin Dances, Salsa and Bachata are the most popular forms that are followed across the world.

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Contemporary dance genre developed during the mid 20th century and combines various international forms of dance forms such as classical, modern, and jazz styles.

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