Senior Instructor & Performer

“ Dance drives my soul. ”

He have been inclined towards dance from a very young age, so He trained in Hip-hop by Mr.Remo D’suza from Indian Film Television Institute.His sheer passion also led him to pursue dance workshops by Mr. Brian Puspos (based in USA) and many more international dance artists in India’s International dance congress.




Performing Arts School

Latin American dance has always been a very interesting dance form for him, so he trained up in Salsa & Bachata from Mr. Tara Prasad at STAR DANCE COMPANY in Gurgaon, where he currently training new students! Performing is like this daily, adrenalized practice of preparing and sharing ideas and challenges that matter teaching is quite similar, albeit more rewarding. It’s a figure eight because you learn from the students while simultaneously learning from your experience teaching. He hope to provide them with insights that they can look back on and pull from his background as a performer helps him make each moment matter through attention and intention. His performing experience instilled the discipline, rigor and ambition to always be improving.

To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it.


At the end of the day…
I dance because it feels really good to dance. I love to do it. So even when I’m teaching, it still feels good to be dancing with that many people. Especially when it comes to hip hop, there’s a great feeling of community there!




Salsa & Bachata

When it comes to Latin Dances, Salsa and Bachata are the most popular forms that are followed across the world.

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Contemporary dance genre developed during the mid 20th century and combines various international forms of dance forms such as classical, modern, and jazz styles.

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